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The communication training for female managers, to gain equal respect and recognition 

among their male colleagues in the workplace.

The Authority Gap

In recent years, companies have taken great strides towards creating a more equitable workplace for male and female leaders. Training initiatives have raised awareness of the various types of bias against women in the workplace. However, there remains one major problem that has yet to be adequately addressed: Even with their expertise and accomplishments, many women are still marginalised and silenced during conversations with men. While expertise is an important factor, it isn’t enough to ensure that a woman has a seat at the table in a conversation. 

Power Dynamics

Whoever speaks first and loudest is often deemed to have more power or influence in the conversation. As a result of this uneven power dynamic, many women lack the confidence and experience to stand up for themselves when they are challenged by men in a professional setting. What is perceived as an attack on their personal credibility often leads to feelings of powerlessness, frustration and exhaustion. It's time to close this gap, that inhibits women from reaching their full potential within the workplace

Personal Coaching on This Topic

If this challenge of having to assert yourself in the world of work sounds familiar to you, then let's tackle it together. I will support you in communicating in such a way that you achieve the respect and recognition you deserve. Together we will develop strategies that will strengthen your leadership skills and help you to appear confident in every situation.

The Training

The Assertica® Training equips women in leadership roles with the tools to secure more respect and recognition in the workplace - whether it is from superiors, colleagues, team members, or customers. Participants have the opportunity to share personal experiences and simulate challenging professional situations. Our focus is on developing effective communication strategies. These allow for creating a balance of power, countering unfair attacks, and always preserving one's values.

Training topics and benefits.

  • Discover techniques for dealing with challenging conversations with male interlocutors:
    This will help you take attacks from male colleagues or superiors less personally and assert yourself more effectively.

  • Learn how to compensate for a lack of repartee:
    This increases your chances of coming out of a potential inner paralysis. This enables you to parry unpleasant situations confidently without letting feelings of shame get the better of you.

  • Develop a set of tools for self-empowerment and influence in the workplace:
    This way your opinion is valued, your influence grows and your assertiveness becomes visible and tangible to the people involved.

  • Learn how to effectively voice your needs and concerns to male supervisors:
    This will get you the respect you deserve and recognition for your contributions. 

  • Get practical advice on how to build confidence and show authority in your role:
    This will enable you to use your role more consciously and purposefully as a professional shield and empowering factor.

  • Raise your awareness of gender dynamics in the workplace:
    This will help you to better deal with disruptive factors in business meetings, move the issue forward and protect those who cannot stand up for themselves.

  • Get tips on how to increase visibility and recognition by male colleagues, bosses and clients:
    This way you get the credit you deserve without others taking it away from you.

  • Receive immediate feedback on your personal communication style:
    This way you will ensure that you are
    better understood by your male colleagues and do not run the risk of getting caught up in unnecessary misunderstandings.

The Trainer Team

We have made it our mission to support female managers in highlighting their performance and taking their place in the organisation. We specialise in identifying behavioural and communication patterns and developing effective strategies for challenging situations.

Salvatore Princi

Certified in Profit by Difference. Coaching according to Dr. Modler®.

Communication trainer with over 10 years' experience as an independent consultant in performance skills and leadership and personnel development, specialising in horizontal and vertical forms of communication in companies

Working languages: German & English

  • LinkedIn

Slavica Sovilj

MAS Coaching & Supervision in organisations, IAP

Owner of the consulting firm Potenzial Plus GmbH. 25 years of consulting, management and project management experience in an international environment with a focus on organisational and team development, coaching and leadership development.

Working languages: German & English

  • LinkedIn

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