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Coaching for female managers

So that your words carry weight in the decisive moments.

  • 250 Schweizer Franken
  • Zoom Meeting


This online coaching is designed for female managers like you who want to strengthen their assertiveness and fulfil their leadership position with confidence and authenticity. Together we will look at your current situation. Perhaps you repeatedly find yourself in situations with male colleagues, superiors, customers or employees in which you feel ignored, underestimated or not fully valued. Situations in which your opinion seems to carry less weight or your contributions do not receive the recognition they deserve. In our coaching session, we get to the bottom of these moments, recognise patterns and develop targeted strategies to help you present yourself with confidence and persuasiveness in such situations. You will learn how to strengthen your presence, communicate effectively and lead authentically so that your voice is not only heard but also valued. We will work on setting boundaries, managing conflict and building connections based on mutual respect and appreciation. This path leads you to deeper self-knowledge and strengthens your self-confidence so that you grow as a leader and as a person. This coaching offers you not only the tools and knowledge, but also the space to reflect on personal and professional challenges.


+41 (0) 76 392 27 77

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