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About me

In my workshops and trainings I convey communication know-how in a practical and entertaining way. As a trainer, I am primarily interested in what is effective and works in real life situations. I teach methods and techniques that help my clients to raise their profile, appear more confident and give their personality relevance. 

In brief

Dipl. structural draughtsman | copywriter & conceptual designer | lecturer in adult education | SVEB adult educator | Cert. Integral-Coach | Dipl. Business-Coach | Dipl. Mental-Trainer | Dipl. Systemic Organisation Constellation and Systemic Coaching | Cert. Positive Psychology® | Cert. FACS® | Coaching with MDI-Insights® | Dipl. Coaching with «The Work» of Byron Katie® | Cert. Profit by Difference®, Coaching according to Dr. Modler

  • Many years of management experience in international financial companies and the IT sector with responsibility for staff and results

  • Self-employed as coach and trainer since 2015

3 opinions
why we should work together:


«A super course that has brought me a lot. Not only for my professional work, but also in terms of transforming my own personality»


«The individual sessions with Salvatore Princi were extremely varied, inspiring and motivating. I was able to take away a lot of great input and valuable tips. The course was enriching in every respect.»



«Salvatore is responsive to people. He manages to convey important content in a casual and appealing way. Thanks to his teaching style, I have understood myself better again.»


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