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6 Coaching Sessions (during 3 months)

The first 90 days lay the foundation for long-term success.

  • 1’440 Schweizer Franken
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The first 90 days of a new project, a new job or a new company are crucial for as they lay the foundation for long-term success. In this initial phase, the course is being set for the direction in which the project or your goal will develop. In this formative phase, you make your first impression on stakeholders, colleagues and customers. Important relationships are built. This is the phase in which you learn the most and have to adapt the most in order to be effective. In the first 90 days, you set goals and priorities that will determine the further course of your project. Mistakes in this phase are difficult to correct later on. In the first three months, you establish your credibility in your field of activity. A strong start in this initial phase generates momentum that is useful for overcoming future challenges. It creates a sense of progress and confidence. External support through targeted coaching can not only be a support, but a game changer. That's why I have developed a coaching programme that offers you exactly that. In 6 individual sessions over a period of 3 months, we work together on your topics that need special focus right now. Be it your leadership skills, decision-making processes or the development of strategic thinking. These sessions are designed to be flexible so that they can be seamlessly integrated into your everyday life and offer you continuous support. Through this close collaboration, you will not only be able to overcome your current challenges, but you will also develop tools and strategies that will serve you in the long term. You will gain clarity about your goals, strengthen your self-confidence and improve your ability to communicate and lead effectively. If you think 3 months is too short for you, then choose the 12 sessions for 6 months option. But I recommend you start with 3 months and then you will be able to better assess whether you actually need longer support.


+41 (0) 76 392 27 77

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