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Assertica® Onlinetraining (Small Group)

Communication training for female managers.

  • 2’600 Schweizer Franken
  • Zoom Meeting


Inappropriate comments, constant interruptions, sexist remarks, lack of respect - you can put an end to all that. Assert yourself confidently in the world of work with this exclusive online training for small groups (4-6 people). In this 1-day seminar, you will delve deep into the art of assertiveness and communication. Together we will focus on you - on your challenges, goals and ambitions. This fee is a one-off flat rate that inlcludes 4 to a maximum of 6 participants. So, if you are a small group or team who would like to work on this topic, this a great opportunity to profit from. You will learn the most important techniques, backgrounds and methods for dealing assertively with male colleagues, employees, superiors and customers in difficult job situations. We focus on developing effective communication strategies. These allow you to create a balance of power, counter unfair attacks and always maintain your own values. This training is more than just a course - it's an investment in you and your future. Sign up and experience how you can grow into a leader with confidence and influence. If you have more questions about this training, please get in touch with me. I will be happy to answer all your questions.


+41 (0) 76 392 27 77

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